Rental Cars

Cruise in Style with Our Rental Cars

Rule the road with rental cars from Rentmevan. Based in Costa Mesa, California, we provide a variety of mid-size vehicles that let you travel the road at your own pace. The western United States is home to picturesque scenes and locations that illustrate the country's free spirit. When you travel in one of our mid-size vehicles, you are free to explore what the roads have to offer.

Well-Known Makes and Models

Mid-size passenger cars provide the space, reliability, and maneuverability you need to get you where you want to be. Whether on the Interstate or through downtown, our passenger cars keep up with your busy schedule. We carry the popular models from 2016, including:

Ford ™ Fusion ™ |  Dodge ™ Charger ™

Smarter Vehicles for Better Trips

Traveling to your destination should be just as exhilarating as being there. Our fleet is composed of model 2016 vehicles, which provides you access to value-added technology at your fingertips. These rental cars are equipped with convenient features—such as navigation, satellite radio, mobile device support, and safety cameras—that will make your car ride more enjoyable.

Paying Attention to the Details

Peace of mind and reliability are the cornerstones of a successful road trip. For this reason, we thoroughly inspect each vehicle before bringing it to you. Each vehicle, whether it is a sedan or minivan, is under warranty to ensure your total safety and confidence while on the road. 

On the Road - on Your Time

You deserve to start driving when it is most convenient for you. Whether you are waiting at the office or just arrived at the airport, we make all the preparations so you don't have to. Simply call us, and we'll pick you up and take you to your rental at no additional cost. We even offer a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport. Additional drop off locations are available upon request.